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The Sanctity of Marriage and Kim Kardashian

As Christians, we want to preserve the sanctity of marriage by keeping homosexual marriages from happening. But I have just one small little contradicting observation…

Gay’s have to try SO hard to get married. I worked with a lesbian who had to travel half way across the country to marry her wife. They had to work to prove why they were deserving of the right to marry. YET – Kim Kardashian was paid $18 million (allegedly) to participate in her own wedding. A $20 million engagement ring and a $10 million wedding for marriage that lasted 79 days.
I understand the problems with homosexuality, and it’s not for me, but what disgusts me is Kim Kardashian. Not the lesbian I worked with. My co-worker happened to host her reception at the event facility we worked at and you could cut the amount of love in the room with a knife. It’s against the Bible, sure, but even the love of their family for them could be physically felt. They have a seemingly happy marriage now – I can only follow it on Facebook, we both parted ways from our employer – but the same goes for Kim Kardashian.
People want to talk about preserving the sanctity of marriage when they need to realize even straight people abuse the privilege of marriage. It shouldn’t be a right to anyone – homo or heterosexual. If you’re worried about homosexuals ruinging it for everyone, take a good hard look at heterosexual couples spitting on the Word of God with every joke of a marriage such as the Kardashian-Humphries… or any of Jennifer Lopez’s or Britney Spears’ marriages… Take your pick, really.

It’s sad. I feel like everyone wants a fairy tale ending, but it’s sad that ANY sort of ending can take place within 79 days of the wedding.

If you don’t think God is looking down at our country totally disappointed, you don’t know anything about God at all.


***Please do not think that, as a Christian, I am condoning gay marriage.*** I’m not in the slightest. I just believe that if we want to preserve the real value of marriage, we must take a good hard look at how heterosexual couples have driven it into the ground on our own. It’s sad to me that I can look at a homosexual couple and feel more love and warmth at their wedding than most heterosexual weddings I’ve attended (which as a photographer is quite a few). I know that this is the devil is he is strong and so is his influence, especially in our country. All I’m trying to say with this post is that marriage is not something to take lightly. This is a commitment, a covenant to not just another human being, but to God, that you will love and cherish and spend your life with the person across from you. Not 79 days. And as a group, we Christians need to rally around preserving the ENTIRE sanctity of marriage, not just around preventing gays from obtaining the right to do it.

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