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a brief testimony on baptism.

When I was baptized, I literally felt the Holy Spirit wash over me. Yes, of course, I had water being washed over my skin, but I mean… when the pastor lifted me out of that water, it was like He ran over every inch of me, and all the water settled at the center of my chest. It entered my body and washed over my heart, literally cleansing it of its dirt and filth. I was dipped in plain old water and yet, as I stepped out of it, I have never felt cleaner in my entire life. I’ve never felt that refreshed or energized before. I felt on fire and it was warm. I remember that most. Sure, the water was like bath water, but the warmth came from within. It started in my heart, buried in my chest, and long after I dried off to rejoin the congregation for the rest of the service, I could feel it as it filled my body and crept toward the surface of my skin. By the time I got to my seat, my skin was warm to the touch. The Lord really set me on fire that day. I’ve never felt Him move within me that way before. It was absolutely incredible.

I’m so thankful for everything the Lord has done for me, on that day and every day. He is so awesome. He brought together and amazing group of people to support me and… gosh, I’m just… thankful and humbled, because I didn’t do this just for my piece of mind,  I did it because it’s what I’m called to do as a Christian and I’m obeying.
Seriously, I would be nowhere without Him. I wouldn’t have anything to say here without Him. I would be no one and He has made me a someone, just out of His love. It was so awesome to really know, without a doubt, that He was smiling down on me that day, that He was just pleased with me.

So if I didn’t declare it publicly enough (and I probably never will) I love the Lord, Jesus Christ! I love my Savior! 🙂

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