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You are everything to me.

I’ve probably written on this a dozen times, and I will continue to do so because I feel it’s a lesson I need to be reminded of constantly but, IN CHRIST ALONE MY HOPE IS FOUND. 
I cannot rely on people to make me happy and keep me feeling content. They are flawed and they will always somehow fall short of the love and grace of God. Something will always go wrong; our relationships will never be perfect. They are simply not capable of showing me the same love that Christ is and has. It’s not their fault, and as these things happen, I have to be able to forgive them for somehow letting me down, but I can’t expect them to be everything that I need. No person will ever fill that God-shaped hole in all of our lives. They’re not meant to, only He can.
My hope of recovery is found in Christ. My hope of a happy life is found in Christ. My hope of eternal salvation is found in Christ. My hope of support and love is found in Christ. My strength is found in Christ. My everything is found in CHRIST.
I just wanted to get that out.

Lord, I read a board this morning that said “If God seems far away, guess who moved?” So, God… I’m sorry. It was me who moved. I know I didn’t go far, but even just a step away is too far for me. I took my eyes off of You for a second and I felt the effects. It’s lonely when You are not the center of my universe. I’m sure this isn’t the last time I will let You down, but I thank You for your forgiveness and grace. I try my hardest to bring You glory and to serve You they way You would have me, and this just makes me want to try that much harder. I let You down, and yet You love me anyway. You give me strength to face the day and any issues that the world throws at me. I trust that You will always provide for me, and You will always take care of me and I love You, Lord. You are so wonderful and I am so grateful.

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