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Sam found faith.

Boy that title looks familiar, huh?
Comparing the word faith to trust is a difficult thing, because when they apply to having faith in God or faith in God’s plans, I’ve come to see it walks hand in hand with trusting Him and His plan for our lives. While I have faith in God, and I trust Him to handle everything that concerns me…sometimes it’s hard to see past the immediate circumstances.
And that’s not to say that it’s because God has done anything to make me doubt Him, it’s just a part of our sinful nature I think, and the devil’s cunning lie that tries to get us to believe we can’t trust Him. This whole blog, everything I’ve written about has been about the journey of me learning to trust in God and rely completely on Him for everything- and it’s still in process; this journey is still underway and I believe it won’t stop until the day He calls me home.
Finally though, I know I can say that no matter how stressful, disappointing, or downright discouraging my circumstances are, I have an irreplaceable God in whom my hope and faith are found; and I trust in Jesus, that He died upon the cross for my salvation.
I guess you could say “Sam found faith.” –she’s just learning more and more about how to put it into practice.

But the thing I’m learning today is that the faith I’ve found is not proven unless it’s tested
– (James 2:17) – and believe me, right now, mine’s being tested.

When the bottle gets shaken up and plans change from what you thought they would be, it’s easy to think, “Umm… God? What was that for? I thought You.? Um… What?” I have a hard time believing that God gets mad when we ask questions, but it’s our doubt that breaks His heart. He’s earned our complete trust and reliance, and yet, we pull back sometimes when things get questionable or circumstances change.
Right now, some things are changing, new things are beginning, and some other things are getting rearranged in my own life. My bottle has been well shaken beyond my own comfort level, even though I know this trial is nothing compared to those of others. I’m uncomfortable, I’m upset, and I’m a little disappointed. But seasons like this are where our faith in God can be proven.
We have two options: 1) hang our heads or hide under a rock in fear of life, or 2) chose a life through and for the glorification of Christ.
He gives us the strength we need to persevere through all trials and tribulations life brings (Philippians 4:13), and He uses them for our good. With Him (Romans 8:28), there isn’t anything we can’t handle, and if walking through stormy and confusing times of life to display to the world what it means to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7), to remain peaceful and joyful in Christ despite my worldly circumstances, then so be it. “Jesus bring the rain” said MercyMe, so bring it.
I have faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and by God, I am going to act like it.


Are you? Take time to dig deep in to your own heart and evaluate your level of faith, and ask yourself “does my life reflect how I feel about God?” And allow Him to show you the truth.

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