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unexpected change in plans.

So, as some of you may know, I’m starting a little ministry project of sorts called the project ( ). Now, this isn’t to promote that, but rather to share the amazing thing that happened to me today because of it. I have been searching for a place to host two 12-hour days worth of photo shoots and mini-makeovers, I guess you could say, and it hasn’t been easy. I have been running from the founding of this project under the assumption that I was going to need a place where an electric hook-up was available in order to plug-in a straightner, curling iron, or hair dryer or something to that effect. Now, to clarify, the point of the “makeovers” are to only bring the girls being photographed into more of their natural element, emphasizing only what God created her to be. I didn’t want anything really fancy or anything, I just wanted simple hair styles and natural make up. Well, as God would have it, I found out today, every single avenue I tried to pursue for a potential location shut down on me. I found pavilions and cabins and facilities in three different counties that were all either well over $100 – per 4 hour some places (and most of the expenses are coming out of my own pocket), booked, no one would return my call about it, or the person who answered the phone literally hung up on me. To say doors were closing is an understatement – no one was even answering some of them in order to shut them in the first place! Over and over again I kept reminding myself that God put it on my heart to start this project, He’s filled me with all this hope, surrounded me with confirmations and encouragement… “He’s GOT this. He’ll make a way.” I have been clinging to those truths and praying for Him to put charity on someone’s heart to hear me out and allow me to use the facilities. And today, He provided – but not nearly in the way I expected Him to. See, as I sat in prayer about what to do, it was like I felt the Lord ask me why I needed electricity. As I tried to rationalize this out in my head and explain it to God, it hit me like a ton of bricks: God didn’t use hair dryers or curling irons, or straighteners – so why am I? I don’t claim to be anywhere near the brilliant masterpiece maker He is, but the purpose is to show what He created! So why am I using machinery to create something different? Well, the answer is that I’m not anymore. We will run all two days without power. We will still be using make up for my actual photographic needs so that features don’t get lost on film, we won’t be using anything to create something that isn’t there already. Curly hair will be curly. Straight hair will be straight. After my little “ah-ha” with God, I contacted my stylist and she’s prepared to work with only the bare essentials, and the project just took another step in the right direction – and I believe more towards what God has actually intended it to be. It’s so much more genuine now and I love it even more than I did before. That being said, not only did He open it up to more of what HE wanted it to be, but He also solved my location debacle. By eliminating the need for electricity, I have a wider variety of choice and I no longer have any out-of-pocket expense associated with it. Lesson learned here: God solves our problems in unexpected ways sometimes. What I prayed for was a way, but the way I thought it would be wasn’t the way GodPueblo_door_050130-300x199 provided. Am I complaining? Not a bit. I’m actually more excited! God has proved over and over again over the course of time that His Will is perfect and a lot of the time – it’s different from ours. In the little things, as well as the big. We just have to choose to be obedient to Him and trust that He’s really got it in control, and let Him show us the way. In the end, we’ll be thankful for the doors He closes.

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