a new thing.

Have you ever had a question that you didn’t know you had until all the pieces fell together and the question was answered? Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely got an answer to a question today that I didn’t realize I was asking.
It’s a little laughable to me because I had all of the answers right in front of me too, but never put them all together. I love when God does this!

So in reading in a Bible Study today, I was led to re-read Genesis 1-2.
As I began reading, it occurred to me that God is never formally introduced. It was just, “In the beginning…” and BOOM – God is creating things.
Sure enough, that’s pretty much the point my study was trying to get across by using these particular scriptures. But the method by which God created is striking, I believe… He spoke everything into creation. “He said, ‘let there be _____.” And it was. God spoke words. His words created.

So (and here’s the question I didn’t know I had) when God says He is making us new, that we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds into new creations… how does He do that?

He uses words; He uses His Word.


Over and over again in recent months, the Bible has been proven to be of more and more importance to me. I knew it came through the Bible that we are made new and our minds become more like that of Christ, so I knew it WORKED, but I was curious as to HOW that actually happened.
Well, Genesis 1 and 2, the passages about Creation that we’ve all heard or read many-a-time, had the answer all along.

Again- He transforms us and makes us a new creation by His words that are found in the Bible which have the power to create the new creation.

The Bible and spending time in it is such a pivotal part of our walks with God and as Christians. If you’re wondering why you don’t feel like a “new person” in Christ, if you’re feeling stale and without growth… I urge you to give it a try. If God could speak so few words in the beginning and create everything that surrounds us, if His very breath has life, how could it NOT be so?

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