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what I learned about God by watching The Lion King.

I think almost everyone in the “western world” or at the very least- everyone in America has seen the Disney blockbuster movie, The Lion King.
In case you haven’t, or to refresh your memory, it’s a story about a lion cub, named Simba, who’s destined to be king of the Pridelands who has a very jealous uncle that is upset about being pushed to the end of the line for the throne because of the new cubs birth. The uncle does some plotting and tries to have them both die in a tragic “accident” and only manages to kill the current king, his brother, Mufasa. He guilts young Simba into believing that he’s responsible for his own father’s death and tells him to runaway. So he does. Evil uncle takes the throne. Simba grows up in the jungle, and eventually comes back to save the day when his dictator uncle runs the kingdom into the ground. Cool movie. Consider it highly recommended.

Anyway, there is one particular scene in this movie that, when I saw it, it put a visual in my head for Deuteronomy 28:7, which says “The Lord will grant that enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you one way but flee from you in seven.”
This is really cool scripture for those of us under attack.
Think about it: God gives you the authority to overcome the enemy (also see Luke 10:19) so greatly, that though he may come and attack on ONE front, he’s going to flee in SEVEN different ways. That’s how defeated he’ll be. That’s how powerful our God is.

Where the Lion King comes into play to this is when Simba is still just a young cub, living at home, he and his friend Nala, a young lioness, venture out to an elephant graveyard beyond the limits of the Pridelands (where they’re told not to go, mind you).
They think this is all really cool and gross when all of a sudden, a pack of hyenas appear –afterall this is their territory – and their ultimate goal is to enjoy the young prince and his friend for lunch (they also work for the twisted uncle in a crazy turn of events). Anyway, they back Simba and Nala into a corner and Simba makes a valiant and adorable attempt to roar these hyena’s away.


He basically meows.
Their response: *pasue* *blink* *burst into laughter*
They mock him and urge him to do it again.

Suddenly, when Simba opens his mouth, a massive, deep, and powerful roar breaks their laughter and fear strikes across their face. Queue King Mufasa.


Just in the nick of time, when the enemy was laughing in Simba’s face, dad came in and save the day. Within seconds, Mufasa defeats all three of hyenas and sends them a-runnin’.

Now granted, there’s three hyena’s; they only ran away in three ways.
But here’s how I envisioned how this works.

We come under attack. The enemy gets close. We feel pressured and backed into a corner. But we don’t have to be afraid, because God, our Father in Heaven is going to be there. He’ll be our voice, and He’ll provide us the authority to trample on every power of the enemy. When he comes and us, and God roars His mighty roar, that devil is going to flee!

If you’re feeling the heat, don’t be afraid. You’ve got a mighty lion roaring in your corner! Call on the name of Jesus when it feels like you’re done for. Stare that problem, that enemy, that devil right in it’s big, ugly, laughing face, and say, “Nope. Not today!” And roar, baby, roar.


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