fear, trust

we don’t want God, we want blessings.

DV020_Jpg_Jumbo_H64632In the musical, Children of Eden (while not completely Biblically accurate, still a beautiful show), the story of Creation and the Fall are depicted in Act 1. Eve was deceived and eats the fruit. She tricks Adam by making it into a juice and lying to him about what’s in it. God confronts them, but, in the musical, God gives Adam a choice: God and the garden, or Eve.

Adam chose Eve.

Again, while not totally Biblical, it portrays an interesting thing I believe most of us suffer from. Eve was a gift to Adam from God to complete him and keep him company, but God was the provider of that gift. Adam loved Eve because who doesn’t love a gift that was created especially and specifically for them? But ultimately, when given the choice, which did Adam love more: The Provider or the provision?

How often are we doing just that? Choosing what God has provided for us over God Himself?

I know I’ve done it. I’m guilty, all this week, of praying for this thing or that thing, or help with this or that, and thanking Him for what He provided, and all the while – never just thanking God for being God!

The greatest gift God ever gave us is the one we miss the most, I believe, and that’s a chance to have a relationship with Him.

It’s Him.

His presence; no t His provision.

God is working a thing in my heart right now and it’s been an interesting week leading me to reflect on the story of Adam and Eve in Children of Eden.
There were some earthly things that were provided to me very recently – a new home, some sense of financial stability – that were temporarily removed and for a few days – there was a region wide gas shortage, a water shortage, and some funds I was counting on were delayed – I was literally living on God’s good graces. Being restored and put back to where I know I belong, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for all of the ways God does indeed provide, even if He doesn’t always give to us like we expect sometimes.

I was praising God for His provision was good and life seemed stable; and when it was hard, (it took some conviction but) I praised Him then too, because He did, indeed, provide. Then when things leveled back out, I praised that much more. But then…

I was listening to the radio morning show the morning after we were able to get back into our own home and they asked people to call in with their “words” for the year; a word they are centering their new year around. One woman called in and she said something I’ve heard before but did not know the complete meaning of; she said, “Jehovah Jireh.” It means “God, Provider.” And I can’t even explain to you how much that has weighed on my heart since I heard it.

I don’t just share this story because it speaks of God’s amazing love to give to us and provide for us. It’s true that He does, and it’s brought me deeper in my appreciation of the way He provides. Romans 8:32 says, “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all–how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” God loves a cheerful giver because I believe He is one.

I thought it was, I really believed it was, just to show me that I can trust God and bring me deeper in that but I’m finding that it’s greater. In all of this, I’m finding in my prayer and meditation that a lot of the time, we thank Him for His provision, we pray for His provision, and we sing praises about His provision (or in my case, write)… which is all about the provision, not the Provider.

I urge you this weekend to just seek God, pray for more of Him, not just more of His blessings. He longs to bless you and love on you, but He longs to be with you more than that. Everything He’s done since the beginning of time has been about spending time with us, being with us, and being close to our hearts. Even when we strayed, He hatched an amazing and elaborate plan of redemption to eventually bring us all back into the relationship we were intended to have with Him. Seek that above all things, above every gift, blessing, or provision, because ultimately the greatest thing He’s ever offered to us is His Self.


“Open Up the Sky”

Our beloved Father please come down and meet us
We are waiting on Your touch
Open up the heavens shower down Your presence
We respond to Your great love

We won’t be satisfied with anything ordinary
We won’t be satisfied at all

Open up the sky fall down like rain
We don’t want blessings we want You
Open up the sky fall down like fire
We don’t want anything but You

Our beloved Jesus we just want to see You
In the glory of Your light
Earthly things don’t matter they just fade and shatter
When we’re touched by love divine

Here we go let’s go to the throne
The place that we belong

Right into His arms

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