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what my dog can teach us about God.

Hank1Every morning, at the crack of dawn, either my husband or I get up to walk our new puppy. He’s a 3 month old active breed and with both of us working, we know that he needs exercise each day, before and after we are gone and he is crated for the day.
This last Friday, it was my turn to get up with the pup and off we went. When we got outside, he did his business, but when it came time to hit the road and walk, he just would not come along. He kept planting his little puppy bottom down on the sidewalk or pulling me back toward our front door. This sweet little dog was being so defiant, and while I normally wouldn’t allow such disobedience, it was 5:15 in the morning and I decided that we could go play fetch in the hallway to burn his energy instead, so I allowed him back into the house.
Twice I threw the ball and he chased after it down the hall, until suddenly, he let it go right by and turned toward me. I was sitting on the floor, legs crossed; sipping my morning coffee and this little tiny guy just crawled right up into my lap and lay down. He nudged me to pet him and he cuddled up on me so sweetly.
Anyone with experience with a puppy around his age knows what puppy teething is like; they chew everything. I mean everything, including people. But not this particular morning, he licked my hands and arms and face, but he didn’t chew. He just offered love and pressed into harder into me.
My heart melted; as much as he is an active little guy and as much as he chews and plays and roughhouses, that morning, that sweet puppy just wanted to be close to me. He just wanted to be held, loved on, comforted, and cuddled.

He was so adorable that I recounted this story to my husband who shared in the “awe” factor of this sweet moment between me and our man’s-best-friend, but it wasn’t until a few hours later as I shared it with one of my co-workers that the correlation between this happening and my own walk with God was made.

How often are we so set on walking out our faith-lives that we miss the opportunities to sit on the lap of our Eternal Father?
How often are we so caught up in service and obedience that we forget to take advantage of the blessing of just being close to our God?

Shortly after we got our dog, a friend of ours prayed over him that he might be a blessing to our family, and that the Lord would use him in our lives and I really whole-heartedly believe that is exactly what happened the other morning. With the next project coming up, I have been very distracted with service and preparation for this event put on by our ministry and yet… I haven’t stopped to just spend time with my Savior and bask in His glory, goodness, and love.

So if I could, I’d just encourage you, and honestly, myself too, that today… rather than just walking out our Christian lives, rather than just walking in obedience and service, that we set time aside just to climb up into the lap of the Almighty and rest. Be loved there, and love there.

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