come awake | this is resurrection. 


I woke up this morning to do some yoga before church. This is nothing unusual, I love yoga for all of the benefits it has offered in keeping me healthy. 

But this morning was strange, it was difficult for me emotionally. I usually listen to worship music, it reminds me while I’m stretching that my body is a temple of God, and the offering up my body as a living sacrifice is my true and proper worship.

Now I’m not trying to tell you that yoga equals worship, because it doesn’t for everyone. Some people are tempted to idolatry when practicing yoga, so know that that’s not the point of this post. That is not what I’m here to talk about.

No, rather what I want to talk about today is how furious and relentless and beautiful the love of God is for us.

In the last few days I have been tempted, tried, and I have allowed my heart to turn from what I know is true about God and our walk with him. And I’ve learned that if you really don’t want to hear the Lord, you can block Him out. It is in fact possible to ignore the Holy Spirit and conviction.

But not for long…

Once you accept Christ as your Savior, acknowledging what he did on the Cross for us, what his resurrection means for all who have sinned, The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit dwells within you, makes his home in your heart, and guides you through life. The Holy Spirit is what God gives us so that we might live a life of godliness and holiness. 

When he lives in you, he won’t leave you. He will not forsake you. Even if you’re trying to ignore him, the Lord is for you not against you. He wants you to turn to him, he wants you to repent from your sin. And he will remind you, relentlessly, of your need for him and his desire to fulfill and satisfy your hearts every need.

And that was my yoga this morning.

As I moved from pose to pose, feeling each muscle stretch after a night of rest, I tried to focus on my body, it’s movements, and what it was trying to tell me so that I can practice without hurting myself. But it just wasn’t possible. It was like a radio was playing in my head, and the song just kept repeating over and over and over again: “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling over death by death. Come awake, come awake! Come and rise up from the grave!” 

I couldn’t remember the rest of the words, and that usually bothers me, like a minor annoyance but I can’t let go of until my questions are answered. So I looked them up and this is how the song goes: 

Let no one caught in sin remain | Inside the lie of inward shame | We fix our eyes upon the cross | And run to him who showed great love | And bled for us | Freely you bled, for us |

Beneath the weight of all our sin | You bow to none but heavens will | No scheme of hell, no scoffer’s crown | No burden great can hold you down | In strength you reign | Forever let your church proclaim |

Christ is risen from the dead | Trampling over death by death | Come awake, come awake! | Come and rise up from the grave! 

Oh, the Holy Spirit was speaking to me… I read the words, and my heart cried.

It doesn’t matter now or ever what our sins are. We are not measured by the wrong that we commit against God or against each other. What matters is our repentance, and commitment to Christ as our savior. 

That’s Easter. That’s resurrection.

When we sin and turn our eyes from Jesus, we are getting back into our grave clothes, going back to sleep, and perishing again. 

But as Christ died on good Friday, Sunday was just around the corner. Grace overcame the grave when Christ overcame death. 

Come awake, come awake! Come and rise up from the grave!

You don’t have to live trapped in sin, shame, or death anymore. Jesus may have died on the cross for you and went to the grave for you, but he’s not there anymore. He is risen. 

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