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love wins.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America made a monumental decision today.

They’ve ruled that any ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. And they’re right. Christians, same-sex marriage, while it is not Biblical, is certainly constitutional. The men who founded this country may have been seeking religious freedoms in order to worship our God free from persecution, but the cost of that freedom is that we also grant freedoms unconditionally. And these men were not perfect – many of them slave owners – and it is unfair to hold their writings which founded this nation to such standards.

I see and hear a lot of this phrase: Love Wins.

And to be honest with you, as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that it does. It might not mean the same thing to those who are sharing it on every social media platform or shouting it from the courthouse steps as it does to you or I, but the truth is that our God IS love and He always wins.

God will not be defeated because He has already conquered. Christ has won the victory and will only continue to advance.

These Justices, this President have all been put into their places of power because of God. None of this was a shock to Him and He is in no less control now than He was yesterday.

Let us not hang our heads today as if we have lost some battle – we have not. Satan has not gained any ground that was not allowed to him by God. But rather, let us take up our armor of God and fight back the darkness with LOVE.

Let us love these people, let us love each other, let us continue on like the conquerors Christ died to make us! Believe me, I grieve with you over those that I know and love who do not choose to walk with Jesus, but I do not grieve any more for those in same-sex relationships that those who are in straight relationships. I grieve all of those whom I love that reject the Lord. But these people do not need our poor attitudes, our pious judgments, or even our silence.

They need our prayer, our love, and our understanding.

Jesus told us that people will know us by our love: our love for one another and our love for the broken world He sent us to care for. Let us be that love. Let us show them Him. Let us be real with our own shortcomings and be real about the grace of God.

And let us love.  Just love.

And maybe, with a little more love, His perfect love might shine through us; and as it casts out the fear in our own hearts, it might cast out the fear in the world that is so in need of Him.

Let His love win.

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