the creative created. 

***originally written for Something Beautiful Ministries published on July 7, 2014***
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 

The very FIRST line in the Bible. Right there. Before we even get to everythingHe created, we see that our God is a God who CREATES. It is the very FIRST characteristic we learn about our God, even. Out of everything that He is – omniscient, almighty, all-knowing, love.. – He chose to tell us that He created. In fact, the entire first book of Genesis, we see God creating, and in Matthew 10:6, this is marked as the beginning of “creation.” It was with the formation of the heavens and the earth, the land and the sea, and the animals, fish, birds, and beasts, and it was with the breath of life breathed into us, mankind, that that creative process began. 
What was unique about people in the creation of the world is that people were chosen as the image of God. This is pretty well known, but I’ll share the scripture anyway: Genesis 1:27 says that “God created mankind in His own image, in the image He created them; male and female He created them.” Facets of the Lord’s character are reflected in us. One facet is the very trait that got the whole entire world started: creativity.

You are creative because the God who created you is creative.
You are creative because His image is reflected in you. 

Now, I don’t mean creative like painting, writing, sculpting, and dancing (etc, etc), and I don’t mean that you run a million boards on Pinterest. While those are all creative things, and people who do them certainly are creative, our creativity as people, as women is much deeper than that – because the creativity of the Lord is much deeper than that.
You might dress creatively. You might balance your check book creatively. You might cook creative meals. You may even converse creatively. One way or another, and in some area of your life… You. Create. 

And I’d even like to take that one step further, because I’d like to highlight that women generally create in a way that is unique and solely belonging to women: women were designed to be the vessel by which new human life is created and brought into this world.
While we are all designed and created by the Creator God, and thus, so are the little lives that are cultivated and bore from our bodies, we were uniquely chosen to be a part of that process. Though it was cursed to be painful because it was Eve who ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, it was she who was chosen to bring that life forth. This fact is unarguable. Women, the feminine characters of our species are the ones to carry and deliver life into this world. It is our bodies that are used as a creative tool of God to make little babies.
Even if you don’t think you’re a “creative left-brain thinker” or a fabulous painter or what have you – you are built with this innate physical ability to be an instrument of creativity. Naturally. 

There are a million different ways to create things and a million million different things to create. Take a look around you. Look at all the different species of plants and trees. Look at all the different animals, and climates around the world. And look at all the PEOPLE. Each one: perfectly and individually fashioned by God, right down to the creases on each fingertip. Everything and everyone is at least a little bit (if not incredibly different) from something or someone else, right down to every single molecular break down of every cell in everything. We were created in the image of the being that made all of this. You wanna talk about creative and originality? God’s got that all on lock.
Now take another look, and look at all that the hand of man has made, all that was once only a dream in somebody’s mind that is now a reality. People’s God-given gift of creativity has built our homes, our offices, our modern medicine, our electricity, our beautiful clothing, our cars, our heat, our air conditioning, our safety measures, our nail polish, our indoor plumbing…. EVERYTHING. Inspired minds, creative minds, dreamed up even the simplest of things that we may or may not be taking for granted this very minute. All of this – this is how we were designed by a creative God to be. 

When He created us in His image, He sent a part of that into who we are.
I love the idea of being made in His image because it doesn’t mean who look and act exactly like Him. It doesn’t mean we reflect all of who He is. And it certainly doesn’t mean we are Him in any way. None of that is true any more than it is true to say that looking into a mirror means you are seeing everything exactly how it is in reality or that your reflection in that mirror isyou.
When we stare into a mirror at ourselves, we don’t see everything, even though we do see our own image. Sometimes depending on the lighting, size or type of the mirror, it’s quality, and what-have-you, we might not see every little detail in that mirror. Nor is all of who we are reflected in that glass, either. When you face a mirror, you can’t exactly see your backside, now can you? He ultimately retains the ability of being the Ultimate and the complete; the only true Holy One, the original Creator. Not one of us can reach that level of amazing creativity – but we can reflect it. We can point to it. And we can be used by it to do amazing things. 

God, I pray for a deep, deep resounding of this creativity in each of us. I pray and long to see a society of women, not rising up, but digging deep into who we are, how we are created, and Who created us, and allowing that to inspire us to express that creativity that we have instilled in all of us because of Who You are. You above all are the ultimate Creator. I pray for an overwhelming sense of awe at You and all that You have created; and I pray to see more of that awe and more of Your creativity in each of us. I thank you for blessing all of us by being made in Your image, for being made creatively to be creative.
And Father, for those who have not yet been able to be used as a vessel that brings forth new life into this world, and for those who may never be able to, God, though I don’t know why You’ve chosen to allow them to walk that road, God I pray for their hearts to be sensitive to You, and aware of Your love and good plan for their lives; and that even though they may not be a part of creating new physical life, that You would use them as spiritual mothers to bring forward new souls to You.

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