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my old friend. 

Writing is like an old friend of mine. I don’t blog even a fair amount anymore, but I do write always. I write about my feelings, events in my life, I take notes at church, etc, etc. But since I’ve become a mom of two and a homemaker, what I thought I’d have so much more time to do, I actually do less than I did before. 

Similarly to the way I’ve lost touch with childless friends, or even some of my friends with kids, due to conflicting schedules and family obligations and work, I’ve lost touch for entire seasons of life with writing. I try to touch base with a pen and paper at least once a week, because after all, it is one of my oldest friends, if not the most longstanding friendship of my life. 

But it never seems to be enough. 

Sometimes I feel inadequate as a writer. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say – even privately to my journal. Sometimes I feel like I have too much to say. Sometimes I’m too tired. 

But I’m going to make a solid, SOLID effort to show up anyway. 

I thought today, as I spent time with a girl friend who lives 10 minutes from me (that I only see about once a month or so sadly), that it felt so good that she came over, that she showed up. And I realized that when it comes to writing, I just need to show up. I need to dedicate time to it, developing it and investing in it. Because ultimately, isn’t it my greatest passion second only to my children? Doesn’t it deserve that? 

Mom friends, if you’re reading this, it’s easy to lose touch with our friends and our passions. And it’s a bummer. A really big bummer. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Choose to show up. Go to your girl friends house or pick up a pen and paper. Read that book or go for that run. 

Make time for your friends. Make time for your passions. 

Make time for you. 

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