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wounded is wounded is wounded. 

Maybe because I just listened to a message at church about “not checking your brain at the door” (about how intellectual people can be people of great faith), or maybe I’m just petty, or possibly a little hormonal (not pregnant, just female), but on our way home today, as we listened to our local Christian radio station, the song “Mended” by Matthew West played. 

I’m not a huge Matt West fan, but I don’t necessarily have problems with him either. He’s what I think most people imagine a Christian pop artist to be, but I think he’s really genuine. And this song has a lot of good things to say; much of it is very encouraging to me, personally, even. Except it’s main tag line from where is derived its title. 

He sings, “where you see wounded, I see mended.” 

In context and on the whole, the song is about God not being done with us yet, and that healing is possible, etc, etc. But this one line isn’t actually saying that. It says when you see your wounds, God sees you mended. 

I disagree. And I’m a little mad about it right now. 

Wounded is wounded is wounded. 

Wounded is not mended. 

Let me repeat: wounded is wounded. 

And as a wounded person, I do not appreciate having my being wounded brushed over this way. Furthermore, I know for a Biblical fact that God does not brush over our wounds or ignore them. When we’re wounded, He knows we’re wounded. He sees us as wounded. 

And this is how I know: when Thomas doubted, Jesus told him to inspect His WOUNDS. 

It’s in John 20. This was obviously after the death and shortly after resurrection, and Jesus still had the wounds. That shit was still pretty fresh. He was healed of His death and alive again, but His wounds were still there. The crucifixion had still happened. Resurrection and a death to life transformation of Christ Himself did not change the fact that He was wounded – pierced for our transgressions. 

Isaiah 53:5 says, “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” 

I’m under no delusions, and I won’t ignore that it’s those wounds that healing for us is possible, that those of us that are wounded, require His wounds to ever be mended. But mending and healing are processes, and it seems a little arrogant or at least naive to say to a wounded person that they’re not wounded, but instead mended. 

I actually have a real life situation I can explain this with. One of my closest friends is VERY ill, under strict doctors orders and lots of medications for the time being, in order to battle a series of medical complications. How horrible of a friend would I be, if every time we spoke about said complications and illnesses, I was like “I mean, I know you think you’re sick, but I think you’re well. Go and be well! Amen, Hallelujah!” 

I’d be a HUGE jerk, or at the very least, out of touch. No. She’s sick. That’s a fact of life. It is what it is. I’m not saying that she, or I or you have to STAY sick, but when someone is sick, or wounded, or broken, we don’t want your dime store, Hallmark card bull shit. 

We need validation. Understanding. Love. Support. Help. 

I should add that I believe the intention of the song is that it was written from God’s perspective, and I’ve got to be honest: all of my doubts and questions aside, I don’t believe God to be delusional. He is a God of truth, right? And speaks stuff into creation? So if He declared someone or something mended, I’m sure it would be so. But He’s not going to pretend the wounded isn’t or wasn’t the wounded, even if it sounds nice in your catchy contemporary Christian song. 

So don’t tell me otherwise, Matthew. Or Fish radio. Or anyone. 

I’m wounded. And I won’t pretend like I’m not. 

It was that mindset that got me into this mess of doubts and unbelief in the first place. 

1 thought on “wounded is wounded is wounded. ”

  1. I don’t think that God sees us only as mended. Like you said he sees us for the broken people that we are. And inspired of that brokenness he STILL loves us and that is why he suffered and broke himself for us. So that we could be mended. There is a passage in Ephesians (I believe but I will look it up when I get home) where it is explain that God sees us differently and that he sees us as the finished product that we will become. He sees as we will one day be in heaven pure and whole. He has no concept of time and doesn’t hold us to the worldly perceptions of failure and hurt and brokenness that we all endure because of sin. He holds of to the perfect image that we will one day become because of His son dying for us.

    So yes. Give credit where credit is due and don’t deminish hurt and brokenness but also don’t dismiss that Christ came to save to erradicate that brokenness and we will no longer have to suffer in that one day. God sees our hurt and brokenness and gave us the Holy Spirit to comforts us in those rough and terrible times. So comfort and uplift the wounded but encourage what is one day to come because of hope on Jesus.

    All that to say, I completely understand and respect your perpesctive but I think there I should truth in those lyrics 🙂

    With much love ❤️

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