finding happiness in the face of sleep regressions and busy schedules. 


I’ve been mulling over the idea of happiness for years, but every once in a while, a small little moment slaps me in the face with these amazing and wonderful realizations. 

I saved the picture above a few weeks ago to my phone just because I thought it was cute. I never had any idea it would be part of something I’d actually learned today. 

My son is about 16 1/2 months old, so he’s hitting an 18 month sleep regression a little early. Bed times are a struggle and naps are nearly non-existent. In top of his lack of normal rest, he’s also teething, so we can add a healthy dose of discomfort and pain on to his increased exhaustion. 

He’s got a lot of reasons to be cranky. And as his mom, his struggle is my struggle. So I have had less sleep and more of my time has been spent trying to meet his needs. So you could say that I have lots of reasons to be cranky too. 

But as I watched him walk around our house today, that boy found so many things that made him so happy. His toys, our kitten, his favorite music to dance to, Zootopia… shoot, even a bottle of milk made him giggle and shake. 

And then the quote from the picture came to mind: There are so many beautiful reason to be happy. 

Despite everything he’s feeling, he enjoyed the things he loves. He didn’t let a few canine teeth and a missed nap here and there steal his joy. To him, that bottle of milk is his favorite and that makes him happy. Zootopia has his most favorite song, and my golly, he was going to dance to it. The kitten is too cute and too clumsy not to laugh at and snuggle. And he has too many toys not to have a little fun. 

And if I really sit back and evaluate my own life, I have too many beautiful things in my life to be anything other than happy. I have a wonderful person to do life with, I have two amazing and loving children, two sweet kitties, and a house that feels more like home than ever. I have a great family that I’m close with, deep and meaningful friendships, and everything I could ever need. And grace; grace is existent in my life. And that’s something I try to remember all the time, but forget frequently to be grateful for. 

A little lost sleep, a temporarily busy schedule, and a few rough days can’t steal the joy that all of those things bring into my life.  

It’s all about perspective. 

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