advent | day eleven.

11 days into #samjyogaadvent and the theme I chose for today is WONDER.

Psalm 139:14 was an obvious choice for me:

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. (NIV).

But I want to take a look at it from another angle, maybe.

Setting aside the scripture for a minute, for me, I love learning about the brain and the way it functions. I love analyzing the way people relate to one another and experience relationship. I’m fascinated by the way our bodies function and exist. Sometimes, if I’m totally honest, I’m absolutely baffled and amazed at how humans have developed the world around us – and nothing is more impressive to me than our road systems; they’re so complex while still relatively simple, if you take time to think about it.

We were created to wonder. We were created to ask questions, and to even answer some of them ourselves. We were designed to be curious about

things, and seek out what amazes us.

Whether it’s creation itself – nature, space, animals, etc – or our bodies, our souls, or what we’ve added to or could possibly add to creation, it’s for us to explore and learn and enjoy.

Now let me be clear: it’s all for His glory. That’s what the Bible says, I know. But I think God is glorified in our exploration, in our discovery, and in our enjoyment. We shouldn’t downplay the wonder He filled us with or our wonder in what He put here for us to wonder about in the first place!

And I don’t think God is at all offended by us being amazed by what our own hands have created – after all, we’re creators because we were made in the image of a Creator! He made us to do these things and I believe He experiences joys when His children create things!

It’s wonderful in and of itself that the Lord made us this way, but it’s just as wonderful that He delights in us. He made us to be delighted in, and gave us this world to be in and enjoy and develop for His delight.

So can we all just stop what we’re doing for a second and soak in that?! We’re like children on a playground here, being watched lovingly by our Father who encourages this awe and wonder and curiosity in us.

That’s amazing. That’s wonderful.

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