advent | day thirteen.

Hi friends! I’m back for day 13 of #samjyogaadvent, and I’m bringing a little bit about DESIRE today 😊 One of the most meaningful scriptures of my walk with the Lord in these last 6+ years I’ve been living as a Christian has been this from Psalm 37:

em>“Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you” (v.4-5 NIV)


don’t know if you see here what I see here, but what I’m getting is that there is a process to be followed:

Step 1: Delight in the Lord.<<<<<
: He will give you the desires of your heart.

it everything to Him<<<<<
t Him

Each of us has at least one desire in our heart. Now, this probably isn’t a want. It’s a DESIRE. A yearning. A longing. It feels like a need. It’s something we probably spend a lot of time thinking about and probably isn’t like a new pair of jeans or a Snickers candy bar. It’s probably something bigger… marriage, a home, a child, getting our dream careers, etc. Our desire for these things is life altering, not fleetingly satisfied – it’s something we’d be committed to for life probably.

esiring most of these things is actually good. It’s good to want to be married, to have a home, to become a parent, to have our dream job, and what-have-you. We’re created us to do many of them. And honestly, He wants to bless you with good things. He wants to provide and meet your needs.

But first, in this Psalm, before you are granted these desires, you should “take delight in the Lord.”

When I hear the word ‘delight’ I automatically think of dessert. But I don’t think of a scoop of vanilla ice cream after I’ve had a burger. Ice cream is fine, but when I think delight, I think of crème brulee after prime rib. I’ve already splurged on a fancy dinner and now I’m doing a little extra splurging by treating myself to a fancy desert. I’ve already tasted decadence and I’m taking it a step further.

It’s a big deal; it’s a extra special kind of joyful indulgence because it’s not the joy I usually experience with a sweet treat. It’s a delight!<

ave joy in your God, but take it an extra step further. Delight in Him. Have crème brulee with the Lord your God, not just an everyday scoop of vanilla ice cream.

hat’s funny is when your heart desires after something, you almost feel desperate for it. It invades your thoughts constantly and you just long for it. That’s probably because you assume you’ll delight in it when it comes, and no doubt, you probably will! But God says “take all of that hope and joy and delight you think you’ll feel once you get that [insert desire here] and place it in ME. Let me have that first.” And I think He says that because when we do, we realize just how deserving and delightful He really is, and just how satisfying He can be for any hole we are hoping to have fulfilled. It puts God in His rightful place as the focal point of our every moment, and removes the risk of our desires turning into idols. It turns our whole relationship with God into crème brulee and dims the other desires we have for this life into that vanilla ice cream. Still enjoyable I’m sure, but dim in comparison.

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