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adevnt | Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Today caps off twenty three days of #samjyogaadvent!

I picked this picture because I’m just celebrating! I was freezing cold, but so happy. This project has brought me so much joy. It’s been fun sharing with you, but it’s also been so meaningful for me to have worked through these things for myself in preparation.

Thank you for the opportunity to pour my heart out and share what I believe and am so passionate about with you. 🙏🏻

Jesus is the reason for the season, no doubt. But just sitting here pondering everything about Christmas and what it means, God becoming flesh and coming to the world to live and die to save us… I’m overwhelmed with the thought that the reason for the season in which Jesus came was me… Was you! He is the reason that we celebrate and rejoice in the season, but we are the reason to celebrate and rejoice in heaven. This is not a one-sided relationship – this is fluid and dynamic, and no matter how many times we get it wrong, our love and praise to God is reciprocated in his love to us..

Love so great that we could never match!

Bask in that this Christmas morning, friend. ❤️

I’m overwhelmed this morning by The goodness and greatness and love of God, and amazed at to what lengths he would pursue his desire for our hearts, and so humbled by your engagement with me these last few weeks. Bless, y’all. ❤️ and Merry Christmas!

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