are praise reports still a thing?

I just wanted to write because for a few days mid-late last week, I had really good days.

I had few to no intrusive thoughts, no OCD-fueled rage cleans, and I barely ever raised my voice unless it was playing with the kids or hollering downstairs to them for dinner.

I danced, did yoga just for fun, played, and kissed everyone in my family a lot.

It was great.

I had dreams that got me a little anxious most nights, but my days… it just felt good. I felt like ME again, rather than the OCD ruled, PMDD controlled version of myself that I’ve been the last year or so.

And even though I went back to my sort-of rough to pretty rough range as soon as the hormones kicked back in, I’m so encouraged by the few days I had that were great.

Because now I know they’re possible.

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