diamonds around her neck.

She’s been through more hell than you’ll ever know. But, that’s what gives her beauty an edge. You can’t touch a woman who can wear pain like the grandest of diamonds around her neck. | unknown

I was talking with my friend the other day about women like us – women who have been through some shit, but not bitter women or even victims.

We just keep doing life, keep learning, and keep laughing.

Our joy and our optimism are what we have told are our strengths and some of the first things that draws people to us. This makes me laugh, because together, we’re both the most positive and morbid people you’d ever meet. She’s chronically ill and I have an anxiety disorder, and we have a ridiculous amount of abuse and drama in our pasts, but we seriously never stop laughing.

No matter what happens, we press on.

Because we know what we’ve come though.

We know where we’ve been.

And we know that our God is faithful by nature and will be faithful to us somehow.

Our pain has weight and value and is a part of what makes us the way we are.

And that’s what makes us untouchable.

Do you hear me, sister? You are untouchable.

We can’t and won’t be shaken.

We know where we’ve been, the hell we’ve been through before, and we’ve survived it all, and been made better and more beautiful for it.

Like diamonds, we have been pressed and formed through pain and suffering only to shine more brightly and purely. 💎

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