an open letter to whoever you are.

I’m shared this publicly on my personal Facebook because I have nothing to hide, and no shame in Christ, but so far, it either hasn’t reached its intended recipient,!94 they’ve opted to not take me up on my offer. In the event it’s just that it hasn’t been seen, I know my blogs been read by this person or persons, so I’m trying here too.

I know someone’s out there following along with some strong opinions about me that they’re willing to share with anybody but me in order to maybe warn people about the danger that they believe I am (or worse, to thwart whatever God might be doing though me in my community – which we should both know is impossible. He won’t be thwarted 😉).

I don’t believe it’s anyone who knows me now, because they would likely have told me already exactly what they think of me. Or at least I hope they would.

So, whoever you are that dug through my blog and sent the email last week, you know who you are, but I don’t (otherwise I’d approach you privately). Please consider this an open invitation to contact me. I’ve removed every single person from my block list on Facebook and Instagram so that no one is hindered from reaching me. There is also an email listed on my contact page here on my blog.

I’m not afraid to answer for what I’ve done in my life to any man or woman, confident in the grace and forgiveness I’ve received through Christ. I would love an opportunity to speak to you, to be really and honestly known by you, and to be given the chance to seek unity within the Body of Christ in which we both exist.

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