think about it. | a follow-up to #WhyIDidntReport

I saw this today on the Facebook page for the Unfundementalist. It brings up a devastating point I think is missed by many well-meaning individuals on my friends list, and I’m sure maybe your own:

The public admonishment of Dr Christine Blasey Ford in an attempt to support Judge Brett Kavanaugh all over your (I don’t mean anyone in particular, per se) social media has made it abhorrently clear to survivors of any degree of sexual assault at any point in our lives, like myself or maybe even your own son or daughter, who we can and cannot count on for support and empathy if something should ever happen to us.

This is made especially devastating because a majority of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim (it was someone I knew, it could be someone your wife/daughter/son/niece/nephew/granddaughter or son/YOU KNOW) and is typically not known for being a “bad guy.”

If you can’t even fathom for one moment that this successful, white father and judge that you DON’T know could have committed a gross act of sexual violence again a woman who you ALSO DON’T know, why should your relative or friend who has been victimized expect you to believe her story at all, especially if it was inflicted upon her at the hands of someone you DO know?

Think about it. You might want to tout the party line here about the Dems and their schemes, and fine, if that’s your thing. But remember that, according to statistics, about 1 in 3 women are sexually violated or assaulted by the age of about 25. 1. In. 3. Take a look around. 1 of the 3 women closest to you could have already been assaulted or could be in her lifetime. That’s not a political “he-said-she-said” game. That’s people in your life that you know and care about. Don’t you care enough about them to want to be known to her (or him, it happens to men too) as a safe place of support? Not someone who will minimize and deflect, citing the absurd, age old adage “boys will be boys,” or worse, as someone who simply won’t believe her at all?

Think. About. It.

And before I wrap this up, I’d just like to say that this is not a hypothetical. And I’m not a democrat. But I am a survivor. And as a survivor, I wrote about this issue on my blog last week while testimony was being given in the Kavanaugh hearings. I hesitated and did not share it on my personal Facebook page because I have friends, relatives even, who have participated in this that I know I cannot trust with my own story because they are too blinded by politics at the moment. And I refuse to be revictimized over sharing my story simply because they believe this is all a political scheme, and that I’m buying into the mess. I’m not buying into anything – I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t purchase this for myself. It was inflicted upon me, chosen for me, and I refuse to be told what I can and cannot do with it now that it’s mine.

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