it’s still going to snow.

I woke up to our first real snowfall of the year today!

I haven’t been out and about yet, but I definitely feel a shift happening in my heart toward the cold and winter season. I admit freely that the darkness is hard; I miss the sun, and the natural light, warmth, and vitamins it provides… but there’s something about the cold that deserves to be appreciated despite the darkness.

There’s an inherent visual beauty to snow, of course, but also in the contrast between the security of hibernating inside as we admire it and the exhilaration we experience when we head outside.

Ultimately, I think it’s all about perspective in the winter months. We can choose not to appreciate a single thing, or focus only on the unpleasantness we feel in the cold, or we can find some joy in it…

Either way, it’s cold and covered in snow.

For me, I’m going to choose joy.

I have written about this before, but I’m going to keep saying it over and over again, because I think it’s one of those things that was like a seed planted in my mind that, over time, is growing roots downward into my heart and enveloping it bit by bit. And I really believe it’s responsible for this change in me:

God is the same God in the dark as He is in the light.

In the warm, bright, summer months and in the cold, dark, winter season, God is the same God. His goodness hasn’t changed, His love hasn’t changed, His beauty hasn’t changed, and His will for prosperity and good and glory has. not. changed. It can all be found here, if only we have the will to open up our eyes and see it.

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