the skin I’m in.

A while back, I was thinking about how skin works.

It’s amazing.

It’s seriously the first line of defense against disease, or anything that might come against the body, period.

And it’s constantly replenishing.

We’re always growing new cells and shedding the old, dead ones. We leave traces of skin cells everywhere with every touch…

Which sends me down a rabbit hole, thinking about how we LITERALLY leave pieces of ourselves everywhere.

Every person, place, and thing we touch receives at least a microscopic, physical piece of us. We give even just the tiniest bits of ourselves to everything we come into contact with. And the spiritual and emotional parallel drawn here is mind blowing.

To think that everyone we connect with, in some way shape or form, we give a part of who we are to them. Those we connect with in small, momentary ways, obviously receive much less – maybe our kindness and graciousness with a smile or holding the door, or maybe our insecurity by our avoidance of eye contact, or our exasperation in a heavy sigh. But what about the people we connect with more regularly? More intimately? Imagine what we give away to them by the contact we have with them. It would be exponentially more. In some cases, as they receive our blood, sweat, and tears, as we come alongside one another to do life together, shoulder to shoulder.

But sometimes, we’ve received a touch or maybe made a connection that hurt us, did us damage, or otherwise was unpleasant. The thought of carrying around the pieces of those people – their damage or literally, their skin cells – can be dismaying for those of us that have experienced trauma at the hands of another.

There’s comfort to be found in knowing that, eventually, we will regenerate our skin, shedding our old skin in total, allowing the dead body of skin they misused to fall away. And out of those ashes, our new skin, untouched by their abuse, will be free from the touch of these people from our pasts.

I completely recognize that there’s a flip side to that. For those of us that have experienced great loss of a loved one, finding that someday, the body once hugged by our loved one will no longer be the body we possess, can be a sorrowful though.

And it is then, that we must carry the touch of those we love in our hearts.

No matter where you fall in this, in one camp or all camps or any combination, maybe a completely different one – maybe you think I’m nuts (you’re probably right, but don’t @ me, I’m not high) – as we speak, your body is doing something absolutely incredible.

It is literally being made new all of the time.

This concept of regeneration honestly just points back to God. It all points back to Him – all of creation speaks of His glory and wonder and creative design. But this points to the transformative nature of salvation, and the way God works to change our hearts and make us new.

And furthermore, it seems to me that a God who creates a first line of defense for His creation, to combat disease and illness and injury, is a God who protects, provides, and simply put, cares a heck of a lot about that creation.

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