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Gatsby, green, and me | a poem.

Looking back,

all I can see

Are the those two green towers

And the way you looked at me.

I remember

The smell of Irish beer on your breath,

The knowing smile on your face,

And the boundaries we should have set.

I jumped in recklessly,

Your words echoing in my head.

We dreamed so many things,

Neither sure we’d meant what we’d said.

I held you with abandon that day,

And to this day, I can still feel

Your wool coat, the cold air,

And how you stood there shamelessly.

I’ll always remember that embrace

Because it lasted much too long,

And it said all the things we were too afraid to say.

You were the Daisy to my Gatsby,

The one that got away.

I only longed to give you what you deserved,

And I think you felt the same.

Under those green towers,

For just a moment it was right.

Just a nibble,

Not a bite.

I see the green towers sometimes,

Glowing in the darkness of night

And those towers and I dream of you again

Just as Gatsby and Daisy’s green light.

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