trees, trauma, and the history of everything.

God cares about history. And, if you haven’t noticed, that’s incredibly evident because of the Bible. But I don’t even mean the Bible.

I mean trees.

When you cut into a tree, you probably have seen (or at least heard) that there are rings inside. Like a pattern, they tell the story of growth.

But these rings don’t only tell the story of the life of that tree, but also the history of the environment it grew in.

Periods of stress are evident, and periods of healthy thriving are able to be identified.

So, people who do these things can see when droughts occurred, volcanoes erupted, and when things were peaceful and nature around the tree was proceeding harmoniously.

Sedimentary rocks do this too. We know when parts of earth were underwater, or when natural disasters occurred, like landslides, more volcanic activity, etc.

Like, God cares about this. God cares about history. He cares about the STORY.

Not even just the history of His people documented in the Bible and how we as humans document our own history. But in the layers of everything. He’s there “counting tears” so to speak of His entire creation.

And I love the illustration that created for us too, about healing. God forgets sin, but doesn’t forget trauma and growth.

He credits those things for what they’re worth in the analog of our individual histories. Allowing us to reflect on those times when it’s necessary, but able to become new all the time too.

It’s so cool to see that tender, loving care given to nature and creation, outside of man.

And so comforting.

Because it doesn’t force me to think my trauma needs to be forgotten or left behind in the sense that I need to pretend like it didn’t happen – which has been a huge sticking point for me in western Christian culture.

But rather, God shows in His own creation and His own actions that I can grow, and beautiful things can grow on top of that, so that I don’t have to be defined by it either.

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