on getting and being inked.

If you’ve got tattoos, chances are, someone out there has said something to you at least once.

If you’re lucky, it’s probably just some comment about the permanence of such expression (as if we thought they’d rub off or something?) or how they knew someone who regrets one they’ve got (vett your artists, people) or that their employer doesn’t allow for them (sorry about your luck).

But, if you find yourself rolling in Christian circles, you’ve probably been told Leviticus says it’s a sin.

To which I definitely have to hold back, and pray to the Holy Spirit to keep my eyes from rolling all the way back in my head (CONTEXT, people).

All of those ridiculously strict rules in the Old Testament aren’t necessarily supposed to be translated from one culture to another, from one time period to another.

What they are supposed to be though is evidence and proof that God cared.

It’s proof that he cared about the big things, and He wanted to protect them in the big things, but He also cared enough and want to protect them in the little things! Like how His people planted and harvested and ate their food.

Think about it: eating is one of the most basic human function. And He cared to make sure His people did it safely.

So many of those old rules are just to keep people from eating bad food, storing and farming crops wrongly, and engaging in pagan rituals that could mess them up (I can’t imagine you could go to a sterile tattoo parlor back in the day).

So, please, please, please. Hear me:

It’s not a sin to have a tattoo (come at me with mine because they’re literally all about Jesus).

So please, calm down, and join me in thanking our God in heaven for caring so freaking much about His people, from beginning to now to beyond, amen.

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