gone are the days. | a poem.

Scroll through my pics one more time

And let that sigh build up

And let it down heavy.

Remember the days

When you didn’t know how

To love me.

The irony of the matter

Is that all I wanted to do was love you.

I longed for you,

Begged for your attention.

Pleasing, worshiping, adoring,

Yet denied returned affections.

Years gone now

Since the day you sent me on

My way, only to lament

The ways you never used me.

You found the best way

To make me smile while

Telling me exactly what I was meant


But gone are the days

I am used at all.

So lurk around the ‘gram

Be my friend online.

Enjoy the view

Of the woman who once wanted you

Living love and peace and fullness

In ways you’ll never know.

Swallow the bitter taste

Of the loss you elected for.

Choke down her name

When you call for new lovers.

Wrestle your loneliness

Liking years-old pics online.

I won’t judge.

I won’t even talk shit.

This girl’s too busy

Rested and assured:

The real power was always mine.

The catch I thought you were

Was actually me.

Years have gone,

And many more will come,

And I won’t miss you,

But you’ll never forget me.

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