liminal home.

We close on our new house in 3 weeks! And we cannot. wait.

Except, we have to.

Technically the new house is not yet our home. The soon-to-be old house is our home.

It’s hard to feel like it’s really OUR home because so many of the personal touches are already packed. But it still holds that safe familiarity that only comes from a home.

This is liminal space, and I admit, this is a tough spot for me. I’m not great with waiting. I like jumping in and getting started, and building a home has required me to move slowly for months preparing for a move.

But as our move date begins to approach more quickly, I also need to take some time to set down the excitement for a minute, and reflect on our current home with real gratitude and love.

This is the first home where we lived as a family.

This is the bedroom in which I got ready for our wedding.

This is the living room where I rocked and held my babies to sleep.

This is where my mid-kid shot his first basket.

The corner where I held my oldest while she grieved the loss of a classmate.

The playroom where we’ve had all the birthday parties.

The yard they chased lightning bugs in.

The driveway where we’ve drawn so many chalk murals.

The nook where I practiced yoga through my YTT.

The garage where my husband has made so many of my upcycled furniture dreams come true.

The red door that has acted as the face of the house that we made a home.

And I’m grateful for this little 1000sq ft slice of heaven we’ve had the pleasure of sharing together. It’s made us closer. It’s made us comfortable. It’s made us in just as many ways as we’ve made it.

So, it’s with joy and gladness that even though I say I cannot, I will. I will wait.

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