World Mental Health Day.

As someone who carries the cross of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I can’t say I’ll be “celebrating” or even really observing World Mental Health Day this weekend. Because every day is so heavily influenced by my own mental health, I’m always thinking about it and observing it, therefore, this day feels like every other day.

Because when you have things that attack your mental health, every day is mental health day.

So I’ll be doing a lot of the same:

💊Taking my meds & vitamins



🧘🏼‍♀️Practicing yoga

📱Staying in touch with loved ones

💕Being honest with myself and others

🍿Having a freaking snack without apologizing

😘Stealing hugs and kisses from my kiddos

❣️Reminding myself that I am created in the image of Love itself (and other loving affirmations)

☮️generally pursuing peace

But I know that’s not everyone’s day today, or won’t be this weekend. Or any day.

I just heard about a young woman who decided not to live with her depression anymore. (I won’t say that she lost her battle because I don’t think I believe that she lost).

These struggles look different for everyone. Even those of us with the same disorders.

So I just want to say that, even if I don’t know you, I’m sending love out there for you today and this World Mental Health Day.

And holding hope for you. So many of us are. Please reach out if you need to hear it and feel it. 💜

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