God is energy.

We believe, almost without question, that our anatomy and physiology were created by God. The heart, created to pump blood through the body. The lungs to draw in oxygen, and send away carbon dioxide. The brain to power and dictate our conscious and subconscious actions. Our gastrointestinal systems to digest our food, absorb important nutrients,… Continue reading God is energy.


bird keeper. | a poem.

You know Exactly who you are And make No apologies. You have a Streak of rebellion In you That will not Be boxed in. You are Grounded, Rooted, and Independent. You won't be told Who you are. You are not Easily intimidated But instead Stand sure In your own strength. And you make A safe… Continue reading bird keeper. | a poem.

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Gatsby, green, and me | a poem.

Looking back, all I can see Are the those two green towers And the way you looked at me. I remember The smell of Irish beer on your breath, The knowing smile on your face, And the boundaries we should have set. I jumped in recklessly, Your words echoing in my head. We dreamed so… Continue reading Gatsby, green, and me | a poem.