I’ve got no roots.

If you're like me, you jam. And lately, a good jam for me has been 'No Roots' by Alice Merton. And it strikes me as somehow familiar, because it feels like my 2016. At the beginning of that year, I prayed to God for a word or an intention, and 'roots' is what I got.… Continue reading I’ve got no roots.


World Breast Pumping Day + me.

Today is World Breast Pumping Day, and it’s so sentimental to me that my youngest babe is also one month old today! *if breast feeding/pumping/breast milk weirds you out, do not proceed - there, you've been warned, ha!* Just a little back story: after my daughter (my first child) was born, I really wanted to… Continue reading World Breast Pumping Day + me.