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locked out of heaven.

I'm very sorry, Bruno Mars. Somebody lied to you (and my money's on Satan). Her sex might seem like it's taking you to paradise, but believe me, it ain't lettin' you into heaven at all. See, it is written that the thief - aka: the devil - only comes to do three things: 1)steal, 2)kill,… Continue reading locked out of heaven.

Christ, love, personal relationships, sex, worth

You are Worthy.

In my last post, I skimmed overĀ  my feelings about self-worth and I just feel I have more to say here (carefulĀ - this could be a long one). There's something I feel that I need to... I don't know. Confess? Share? Explain? I'm not sure. Regardless... *DISCLAIMER* If you are a family member of mine,… Continue reading You are Worthy.