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confession: I used to be an atheist.

Confession: I used to be an atheist. For a while there, I claimed to be an “agnostic” because it sounded so much nicer… but truth be told, I was a full-blown atheist. I believe in no heaven, no hell. I believed there was no God, no devil. There was only me and the people around… Continue reading confession: I used to be an atheist.

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gaining weight and gaining an idol.

Someone told me a little while ago, “If you start making noise declaring God’s truth, the devil’s gonna come after you. Be ready for a fight.” She wasn’t offering it as a warning, so much as a heads up to make sure I’m covered in the armor of God before I go stepping out of… Continue reading gaining weight and gaining an idol.

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the armor of mom.

I had a truly horrific dream last night, and even though I don’t believe in dream interpretation, I do believe there’s something we can learn from them every once in a while. Last night, I dreamt that my 3-year-old daughter and I were trapped in a metal cage of sorts, set up much like an… Continue reading the armor of mom.

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hit it again.

You know, one of the best sermons I ever heard was right at my home church and the thing I remember most about it was my pastor shouting, "HIT IT AGAIN." He showed this image of a Jewish man praying against the wall in Jerusalem to portray the idea of hitting a wall in prayer.… Continue reading hit it again.