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you see me. | a poem.

Sweet and scared, You see me. You recognize me. I don't intimidate you with my needs. You don't turn away from my pain. You embrace me. You look at me and you see me. You see all of me. And because you do, it's not just imperfections you see. You bring out my beauty. Your… Continue reading you see me. | a poem.

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sex, engagements, and “talking about marriage.”

Young adult, single (as in not married) Christians- The following question is one that has been posed to me recently, and I have a few people around me in some of the scenarios I’m about to describe, so there. There’s my purpose for this post, but this is for you (and a little bit for… Continue reading sex, engagements, and “talking about marriage.”

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better than the best day of your life.

The morning of September 6, I literally decided that I was going to find a Psalm and read it. So, I flipped through and seemingly randomly selected Psalm 84. One particular verse stood out, it was Psalm 84:10: “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper… Continue reading better than the best day of your life.

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on dating and relationships.

It's always very interesting to me when people accuse me of being judgemental. Now, I'll admit it - I can be sometimes, but I think I do an "okay" job of living a non-legalistic life and I try very hard to be understanding of each person's particular season of life, by the grace and power… Continue reading on dating and relationships.

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fairytales do exist.

Having existed for many a year living OF the world, and just about a year and a half trying to just be IN it, I've experienced a lot of things. For a number of months before I was saved, I was "dating" and honestly, the only good thing I can say about it is that… Continue reading fairytales do exist.

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let’s talk about sex, baby.

One of my non-Christian friends was asking me some very genuine questions about my Christian relationship. Again, this is my first Christian relationship, so for my friends who have never known me as a Christian, it's a little strange to hear about some of the things we do... or rather DON'T do. She is engaged… Continue reading let’s talk about sex, baby.