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God really loves me.

I don't have a lesson to share with this post, so to speak, because┬áthe story I'm going to share didn't really teach me something new, but definitely reaffirmed something wonderfully amazing and truly incomprehensible: just how much God loves me and is willing to reach out to meet me in the wilderness in which I've… Continue reading God really loves me.

anger, anxiety, Christ, emotions, faith, fear, loneliness, love, personal relationships, worth

why I’m not a perfectionist.

I'm not perfect. But sometimes, I feel like some of the people around me, especially those closest to me, just expect me to be perfect. Whether it be that I always keep my emotions in check, or I graduate from college, or I don't drink, or I don't gossip, or I don't have a rockin'… Continue reading why I’m not a perfectionist.