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what I learned about God by watching The Lion King.

I think almost everyone in the “western world” or at the very least- everyone in America has seen the Disney blockbuster movie, The Lion King. In case you haven’t, or to refresh your memory, it’s a story about a lion cub, named Simba, who’s destined to be king of the Pridelands who has a very… Continue reading what I learned about God by watching The Lion King.

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You love me anyway.

Sometimes I close my eyes and pray, "God, I'm just sorry. I don't know what else to say. I don't know why I fail You the way that I do. And Jesus - the perfect spotless and blameless one - what do I say to you? The one who overcame all temptation to sin in… Continue reading You love me anyway.

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Sam writes poetry.

So, I wrote a poem. Hope you all like it! I haven't written like this in a long time, so please leave some feedback. Its appreciated! Thanks! __________________________________________________________ I don't know why this love Always looks like a battlefield. And why do I walk around With this sword and this shield? God, why? Why've I… Continue reading Sam writes poetry.