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the waiting game.

I am in multiple seasons of waiting right now, I just realized this morning, multiple circumstances in which I am waiting on something, patience being tested. One, I am waiting to get married. My fiancé and I got engaged on 9/5/13 and are happily anticipating our 5/30/14 wedding, but it’s been a long engagement…or at… Continue reading the waiting game.

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confession: I used to be an atheist.

Confession: I used to be an atheist. For a while there, I claimed to be an “agnostic” because it sounded so much nicer… but truth be told, I was a full-blown atheist. I believe in no heaven, no hell. I believed there was no God, no devil. There was only me and the people around… Continue reading confession: I used to be an atheist.


a new thing.

Have you ever had a question that you didn’t know you had until all the pieces fell together and the question was answered? Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely got an answer to a question today that I didn’t realize I was asking. It’s a little laughable to me because I had all of… Continue reading a new thing.

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moving mountains, pt. 3

Have you ever felt like you were staring at a mountain.. of a sin problem? I mean, we all suffer from chronic sin, let's be real. But some are MUCH easier to control than others. Lately, when I've been thinking about the things I've struggle with most, I've been getting really overwhelmed; like I'm staring… Continue reading moving mountains, pt. 3

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You give and take away.

You know, it's funny. I knew months ago that I'd be writing this particular post someday... But all I had was a title. I set the title and started trying to write it a number of times. See, the way I've always gauged whether or not God approves of what I'm writing is if He… Continue reading You give and take away.

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I feel like half of my world has been turned on its head this past week. It's as if my life were a puzzle and someone just came by and took a third of the pieces. It's funny how much of a void one person can leave behind. With my boyfriend, left his family, and… Continue reading overcome.