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Jesus calls, but it’s not what you think it is.

I’m the kind of person who comes off as very stubborn, unwilling to learn sometimes, and a bit prideful; and I swear it’s totally a front (all faults, I’m well aware…). However, on the inside, I have a huge heart for learning and love conviction when I know it comes from the Holy Spirit at… Continue reading Jesus calls, but it’s not what you think it is.

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in everything, give thanks.

God is a funny and miraculous guy. Yesterday, I posted a status to Facebook because I was having a rough morning and it said, “Open your eyes. God is trying to talk to you everywhere.” What made me realize it was I kept getting whiney on my drive to work about how bad the traffic… Continue reading in everything, give thanks.

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a brief testimony on baptism.

When I was baptized, I literally felt the Holy Spirit wash over me. Yes, of course, I had water being washed over my skin, but I mean... when the pastor lifted me out of that water, it was like He ran over every inch of me, and all the water settled at the center of my chest. It entered… Continue reading a brief testimony on baptism.