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mission: impossible.

Someone told me recently, in light of everything I've been dealing with these past few weeks, "Don't be afraid to pray for the impossible." Until she said that, I really HAD been afraid to pray for what my heart truly desired. It seemed so far-fetched, but I knew God knew what my desires were, because only… Continue reading mission: impossible.

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I feel like half of my world has been turned on its head this past week. It's as if my life were a puzzle and someone just came by and took a third of the pieces. It's funny how much of a void one person can leave behind. With my boyfriend, left his family, and… Continue reading overcome.

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I need a doctor.

I'm reading a book right now called "3:16" by Max Lucado and I would really like to share this awesome comparison he made about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If you're not a Christian, this IS more for you. Please read it carefully, because I think it illustrates, in a very relateable manner, just exactly… Continue reading I need a doctor.