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thoughts about my first born on her 8th birthday. 

Can I be sappy for a minute, please? (Let's be real. I'm typing this whether you like it or not, with or without your permission). My sweet girl, my first born is 8 years old today and it's giving me all the feels.  I took this picture on her 6th birthday, 2 years ago today,… Continue reading thoughts about my first born on her 8th birthday. 

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on hypocrites and Jesus.

I was talking with someone lately about Christian things, and nothing makes me feel more like a freaking hypocrite than giving godly advice, even if it's good advice. This sucks because a lot of the problems I've had in my recent Christian history is with hypocrites. I've let so many people come into my life… Continue reading on hypocrites and Jesus.

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never better than second place.

Psalm 146:3 says, "Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save." I read this scripture recently and I've been pondering on it for a while and I want to share a bit of advice to young people like me. See, I learned a really hard lesson and I learned it the… Continue reading never better than second place.

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you cannot strive be sexually attractive and a beautiful person at the same time.

I'm just going to throw it out there: there is a huge difference between being sexually desirable and being a beautiful person. And furthermore, I honestly do not believe you can strive for both at the same time. God has been... well, I'll say "revealing" but it's more like "beating me over the head with"… Continue reading you cannot strive be sexually attractive and a beautiful person at the same time.

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I’m not strong enough.

I learned a really cool thing about God yesterday that I should probably already know... But hey, I'm a hands-on learner. So anyway, this is how the lesson went: Yesterday, I had a really great day overall. But there were a few things, just little things that got under my skin. And when I say… Continue reading I’m not strong enough.

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You are everything to me.

I've probably written on this a dozen times, and I will continue to do so because I feel it's a lesson I need to be reminded of constantly but, IN CHRIST ALONE MY HOPE IS FOUND.  I cannot rely on people to make me happy and keep me feeling content. They are flawed and they will… Continue reading You are everything to me.