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beautiful things.

I brought this big fella out of storage and into the nook where I do yoga a little bit ago. It's a shitty mat job (I did it myself years ago without the proper equipment - it's sad) but I love him. I called him 'the bone daddy' after Jack Skellington form The Nightmare Before… Continue reading beautiful things.

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life is short, but you can’t rush healing. 

I stopped my cousin mid-sentence yesterday because she said something that totally took me back. She was telling me about her plans for next week, and she said she'd be doing something on the first of September. And that the first of September is next Friday. I interrupted her to ask "how are we already… Continue reading life is short, but you can’t rush healing. project, Christ, ministry, testimony

Jesus calls, but it’s not what you think it is.

I’m the kind of person who comes off as very stubborn, unwilling to learn sometimes, and a bit prideful; and I swear it’s totally a front (all faults, I’m well aware…). However, on the inside, I have a huge heart for learning and love conviction when I know it comes from the Holy Spirit at… Continue reading Jesus calls, but it’s not what you think it is.


some things I’ve learned about the devil.

The devil is not a nice guy. Not. At. All. And I'll tell the truth about something that some people might not like: The devil has a least 2 things in common with God. The first: he wants our souls for all of eternity. Like stated in Luke 22:31; "...behold, Satan demanded to have you."… Continue reading some things I’ve learned about the devil.

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moving mountains, pt. 3

Have you ever felt like you were staring at a mountain.. of a sin problem? I mean, we all suffer from chronic sin, let's be real. But some are MUCH easier to control than others. Lately, when I've been thinking about the things I've struggle with most, I've been getting really overwhelmed; like I'm staring… Continue reading moving mountains, pt. 3

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12.21.12 and the doomsday preppers.

I understand this seems late, but I wanted to avoid all of the "end of the world" hype and attention that what turned out to be a very normal day was getting. Anyway, in light of everyone feeling like it was going to be the end of the world, because the Mayan's said it would… Continue reading 12.21.12 and the doomsday preppers.

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why God lets bad things happen, pt. 2.

About a year ago, I sat down and wrote a short post about "why God lets bad things happen." At the time, I was a brand new baby Christian, barely saved a month, and I was standing next to my best friend from high school as we buried her little sister. Morgan was 20 years… Continue reading why God lets bad things happen, pt. 2.

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mission: impossible.

Someone told me recently, in light of everything I've been dealing with these past few weeks, "Don't be afraid to pray for the impossible." Until she said that, I really HAD been afraid to pray for what my heart truly desired. It seemed so far-fetched, but I knew God knew what my desires were, because only… Continue reading mission: impossible.

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I feel like half of my world has been turned on its head this past week. It's as if my life were a puzzle and someone just came by and took a third of the pieces. It's funny how much of a void one person can leave behind. With my boyfriend, left his family, and… Continue reading overcome.

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You know, something struck me the other day while I was talking to a friend. He was telling me about how tired he was and how exhausting it was to think about all of the things that this coming week would hold for him; and I'll be honest, just hearing about it made even ME tired...… Continue reading tired?