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what I learned about God by watching The Lion King.

I think almost everyone in the “western world” or at the very least- everyone in America has seen the Disney blockbuster movie, The Lion King. In case you haven’t, or to refresh your memory, it’s a story about a lion cub, named Simba, who’s destined to be king of the Pridelands who has a very… Continue reading what I learned about God by watching The Lion King.

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one day at at time.

Okay, I'll admit it. I've got more than a few bad habits. And one of them happens to be that I tend to worry about stuff that isn't happening yet. I get so caught up sometimes in what might or could be that I start missing what IS. And you know, sadly, I've done this… Continue reading one day at at time.

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I feel like half of my world has been turned on its head this past week. It's as if my life were a puzzle and someone just came by and took a third of the pieces. It's funny how much of a void one person can leave behind. With my boyfriend, left his family, and… Continue reading overcome.

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just a little bit stronger.

Lately, I've been feeling very defeated by a few of the situations in my life and I search for my strength in the Lord because the only way I'm going to survive them is by seeking Him and His help. However, that doesn't stop me from asking, "Why? Why does this have to be so… Continue reading just a little bit stronger.