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beautiful things.

I brought this big fella out of storage and into the nook where I do yoga a little bit ago. It's a shitty mat job (I did it myself years ago without the proper equipment - it's sad) but I love him. I called him 'the bone daddy' after Jack Skellington form The Nightmare Before… Continue reading beautiful things.

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thoughts about my first born on her 8th birthday. 

Can I be sappy for a minute, please? (Let's be real. I'm typing this whether you like it or not, with or without your permission). My sweet girl, my first born is 8 years old today and it's giving me all the feels.  I took this picture on her 6th birthday, 2 years ago today,… Continue reading thoughts about my first born on her 8th birthday. 

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life is short, but you can’t rush healing. 

I stopped my cousin mid-sentence yesterday because she said something that totally took me back. She was telling me about her plans for next week, and she said she'd be doing something on the first of September. And that the first of September is next Friday. I interrupted her to ask "how are we already… Continue reading life is short, but you can’t rush healing. 

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on the daily.

I've wrestled for a while with this question: why, do I keep giving my troubles over to God, only to realize a few weeks later, that I'm still carrying them? I described it to a friend like, I walk up to the cross, I drop everything and I spend a while there with Jesus talking… Continue reading on the daily.

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mission: impossible.

Someone told me recently, in light of everything I've been dealing with these past few weeks, "Don't be afraid to pray for the impossible." Until she said that, I really HAD been afraid to pray for what my heart truly desired. It seemed so far-fetched, but I knew God knew what my desires were, because only… Continue reading mission: impossible.

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I’m not strong enough.

I learned a really cool thing about God yesterday that I should probably already know... But hey, I'm a hands-on learner. So anyway, this is how the lesson went: Yesterday, I had a really great day overall. But there were a few things, just little things that got under my skin. And when I say… Continue reading I’m not strong enough.

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Easter :: A Short Story

Normally, I write the way I would be talking in a conversation. If you follow my blog, you know this. If this is your first time visiting, well - thank you so much for reading this particular piece. I'm very happy about it and this is why: it's a short story. But more than it… Continue reading Easter :: A Short Story