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the kiss we waited 30 days for (and what waiting for it taught me).

I’ve been married all of not even two weeks but something that has always been a topic for me to write on is intimacy, purity, and sex so it’s only fitting I think that the first post that comes from my heart after my lifelong commitment to the man of my dreams be one about… Continue reading the kiss we waited 30 days for (and what waiting for it taught me).

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sex, engagements, and “talking about marriage.”

Young adult, single (as in not married) Christians- The following question is one that has been posed to me recently, and I have a few people around me in some of the scenarios I’m about to describe, so there. There’s my purpose for this post, but this is for you (and a little bit for… Continue reading sex, engagements, and “talking about marriage.”

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locked out of heaven.

I'm very sorry, Bruno Mars. Somebody lied to you (and my money's on Satan). Her sex might seem like it's taking you to paradise, but believe me, it ain't lettin' you into heaven at all. See, it is written that the thief - aka: the devil - only comes to do three things: 1)steal, 2)kill,… Continue reading locked out of heaven.