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I’m good! It’s okay! I’m fine! 

I'm reading a book right now called Nothing To Prove by Jennie Allen and it's great. I'm sure I'll write about so much coming out of my heart because of this book in the near future. But right now, I've got to be real about something. Because Jennie talks a little bit about this in… Continue reading I’m good! It’s okay! I’m fine! 

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on hypocrites and Jesus.

I was talking with someone lately about Christian things, and nothing makes me feel more like a freaking hypocrite than giving godly advice, even if it's good advice. This sucks because a lot of the problems I've had in my recent Christian history is with hypocrites. I've let so many people come into my life… Continue reading on hypocrites and Jesus.

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tell me your story again. 

I've found that writing in the moment of a thought or a feeling has done me much better as of late than sitting on something to write about and work through later. So right now, I'm writing from the passenger seat of our family van on the way home from vacation.  We're in the rainy… Continue reading tell me your story again. 

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don’t ‘what if’ yourself to death.

I spend way too much of my time saying, "what if..?" Before today, though, I never really believed that was all that bad of a thing. I spent 2 whole days, "what ifing" my life and the path that it may or may not take. But... Last night, I literally laid myself down though, after… Continue reading don’t ‘what if’ yourself to death.

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I’m not strong enough.

I learned a really cool thing about God yesterday that I should probably already know... But hey, I'm a hands-on learner. So anyway, this is how the lesson went: Yesterday, I had a really great day overall. But there were a few things, just little things that got under my skin. And when I say… Continue reading I’m not strong enough.

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You are everything to me.

I've probably written on this a dozen times, and I will continue to do so because I feel it's a lesson I need to be reminded of constantly but, IN CHRIST ALONE MY HOPE IS FOUND.  I cannot rely on people to make me happy and keep me feeling content. They are flawed and they will… Continue reading You are everything to me.

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fair trade?

This idea of peace is an incredible thing. I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of peace that is granted to you just because of faith. Regardless of the issue at hand, God can bring you PEACE. Not peace like, "World Peace," or "Peace, dude," - no that is nothing in comparision. Only… Continue reading fair trade?