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dry bones.

I have no idea why I’m writing about all of this other than because God has surrounded me with scripture and words of encouragement to boast in this. So I’ll do that – trusting that He’ll do some good here with all of this. I’ve stumbled to write, and been discouraged in ministry lately. I’ve… Continue reading dry bones.

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moving mountains, pt. 3

Have you ever felt like you were staring at a mountain.. of a sin problem? I mean, we all suffer from chronic sin, let's be real. But some are MUCH easier to control than others. Lately, when I've been thinking about the things I've struggle with most, I've been getting really overwhelmed; like I'm staring… Continue reading moving mountains, pt. 3

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the renewal of a not-a-morning-person.

A few Sunday's ago, I was having a really rough morning. I work on Saturday nights, and I had gotten stuck there late, so I was exauhsted on Sunday. I also usually allow my 2 year old to wake me up, and wouldn't you know it? She took her time that day and slept in. So I… Continue reading the renewal of a not-a-morning-person.

anxiety, emotions, faith, fear, love, trust, unbelief

He’s not finished with me yet.

I read somewhere once that the Christian life is a life of constant growth." And it is. I've wrestled with a lot about my purpose and what my role in life is supposed to be and my triumphs and failures and what not. I wrote about it a little while ago, about being perfect, but this… Continue reading He’s not finished with me yet.