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too much humility is pride.

Tonight, I learned a very interesting fact about pride. Turns out, it's not always what you think it is. See, when I think of pride, I think of people who think of people who won't admit they're wrong, people who think they're perfect, or people who won't accept help. But it was pointed out to… Continue reading too much humility is pride.


a truly unconditional love.

I won't write a book here, but I just wanted to say that God loves us so much. His love is so great, I don't even think we can understand it. It's that unconditional; that no matter how many times we fail Him, no matter how many times we, as a people, reject Him, He… Continue reading a truly unconditional love.

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go, Jesus. it’s ya birthday.

How do¬† you celebrate your birthday?¬†Myself, I usually gather up my family and friends and we go out to dinner or we do something fun. Or both. For example, when I turned 19, we had dinner at the Olive Garden and then we went kayaking in Mohican. Or when I turned 21, we did dinner… Continue reading go, Jesus. it’s ya birthday.