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confession: I used to be an atheist.

Confession: I used to be an atheist. For a while there, I claimed to be an “agnostic” because it sounded so much nicer… but truth be told, I was a full-blown atheist. I believe in no heaven, no hell. I believed there was no God, no devil. There was only me and the people around… Continue reading confession: I used to be an atheist.

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sunlight buring at midnight.

Sometimes I sit and think about the way my life was, I don't know, 2 years ago. Boy, was I in a mess. The things I did back then were a result of years and years of being beaten down by one person and/or circumstance after another until I felt worthy of only men who… Continue reading sunlight buring at midnight.

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Easter :: A Short Story

Normally, I write the way I would be talking in a conversation. If you follow my blog, you know this. If this is your first time visiting, well - thank you so much for reading this particular piece. I'm very happy about it and this is why: it's a short story. But more than it… Continue reading Easter :: A Short Story