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all the single ladies.

Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls... Let's talk. I'm really afraid for girls these days. It scares me that I'm raising a daughter in this world. The thought occurred to me that at the age of 12, I desired to be "sexy." And that's awful. I should have been wrapped up in school and my friends,… Continue reading all the single ladies.

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a brief testimony on baptism.

When I was baptized, I literally felt the Holy Spirit wash over me. Yes, of course, I had water being washed over my skin, but I mean... when the pastor lifted me out of that water, it was like He ran over every inch of me, and all the water settled at the center of my chest. It entered… Continue reading a brief testimony on baptism.

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baby, baby, baby, oh…

Being "born again" makes you a baby. A child if you're being generous. I am a baby; a toddler at best. I've been a believer of God all of my life, but I've only really been a Christian about a month - I said a sinner's prayer and gave my life to Christ on October… Continue reading baby, baby, baby, oh…